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KLUSA - Project management software for your teams

Do you need a flexible and customer-focused project management solution for your team? Then do use KLUSA.

KLUSA is a flexible tool for any size of company and, as professional and reliable software, offers you the greatest possible support for planning your projects and tasks in your company – read and experience KLUSA for yourself…

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What does project management include?

Are you dealing with the acquisition of project management software in your company or maybe even for your teams? Then you should also deal with the question of what project management does include?

Within the organization in the company there are different tasks and methods in project management, but first of all the definition of project management means that planning, coordination, implementation and control are essential components. When planning future projects, the project manager must always pay attention to the costs. Further criteria, such as the use of new methods like Scrum or Prince2 , the planned time in the project and ultimately the overview of all projects therefore raise further questions about project management. Is there a suitable tool to meet these requirements?

Questions on project management

    1. How do we deal with planning and resources in the company in project management?
    2. How can we currently monitor and control ongoing projects?
    3. In project management, do we always focus on the right projects when making selections and decisions, or does this create new opportunities?
    4. What does the software offer, can it fulfill all tasks in the company and how can it be integrated into our everyday business?

These are essential questions that are responsible for the success of the tasks to be performed and for choosing the right tool. In addition, the time factor also plays an important role in the fulfillment of your tasks from a management’s perspective. When choosing project management software for your company, you should therefore make sure that the software with its functions is helpful and/or supportive in answering these questions.

Read more about our KLUSA software from OPUS here and see for yourself how KLUSA can play to its strengths for you and your teams. 

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