3-Dimensional and with the opposite sign – Risk management with a difference

Risk management offers a potential benefit that is utilized only rudimentary in many projects, says the experience of KLUSA consultant team of the OPUS GmbH. But how can you do better? Carsten Schmidt, Head of the “PM software KLUSA and PM Consulting”, describes unusual approaches that go far beyond the elements of the standard risk management in an interview with the ProjektMagazin.

The article describes how risk management should use department and project team knowledge beneath classic procedure. In this context, the FMEA-method with its additional third attribute occurence is discussed deeply. To provide a risk buffer in the budget could be one result of such analyses. The consciousness for risks also rises using project reports, visualized tables, dashboards and respective workflows. But not only risks but also opportunities and chances can help the question what to achieve additionally in the project. This risk management with the opposite sign could generate additional benefits.

Learn more in the German Advertorial KLUSA “Risikomanagement mal anders”

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