Efficient project planning with the adequate work package size

According to the PMBOK® Guide (sixth edition of the Project Management Institute Global Standard) the term work package means the work that is defined at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure; thereby costs and duration are estimated and controlled, too. Thus, work packages are the basic components of a project. A lack of[…]


Is working time the same as project time?

This question arises again and again in many sectors. Usually, opinions differ here. Many companies working with projects and the related time accounting, mix up these things. However, the question remains: is working time the same as project time? To approach this subject, the working hours must first be analyzed. In Germany, there is a[…]

The Change

Introducing project management in your company

Four success factors are important when introducing project management in your company. We have supported numerous customers in introducing project management. Therefore, we know that not only good project management methods and a good tool are enough to introduce project management in your company and to establish it in the long run. With our four[…]

Why is it worth using project management software?

Using a project management software supports a systematic project work for the individual user groups within a company. For most users, this systematic work certainly is a change initially, but it also involves a certain change management for the executive staff. However, once acceptance for the systematic work has been achieved, this creates a high[…]

Announcement: KLUSA at the PM Welt 2019

On May 15, 2019, Projekt Magazin is organizing the PM Welt for the fourth time in a row. The meeting of the largest German-speaking project management community expects approx. 700 participants. OPUS is traditionally exhibitor again with its multi-project management software KLUSA. This year’s  theme is: “Simply different – projects made anew.” (Einfach anders! Projekte[…]

Simply identify and display KPIs in new KLUSA 8.9

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to track the performance degree of important success factors. For project management, KPIs provide orientation guides and decisional bases, especially with plenty of projects. Companies evaluate their projects in different ways and thus need flexibility for the settings of the KPIs. New KLUSA 8.9, available for delivery from December[…]

New comprehensive insert functionality

In KLUSA’s schedule, a new insert functionality offers the option to copy milestones, work packages including resource requests, activities and relationships from other projects and project templates with sophisticated plausibility checks. The inserted tasks are positioned below the selected work package or milestone. Additionally, it is possible to add elements of the source project coming[…]

OPUS provides KLUSA with new staffing shortage views for portfolio and line planning

The Munich-based IT company OPUS is adding an attractive functional enhancement to the KLUSA project management tool KLUSA in version 8.8 offering a real surplus to customers and other interested parties in the area of resource management. The Resource Availability analysis, already existing in the single project and single pool view, have now also been[…]