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OPUS GmbH from Munich has been dealing with software development for project management and individual software development since 1991. In addition, the service and support is precisely fulfilled according to the ITIL standard.

Moreover, our services range from consulting and software development to training and support. On top of that, our consultants support you in the requirements analysis, define a catalog of specifications with you and help you in the course of the project.

Furthermore, our development team of Oracle, .NET and Java experts implements your requests flexibly and individually. As a result, our strength particularly lies in customer-specific application development. Also, the mapping of your company structure and a smooth integration of our software solutions into your system landscape is our top priority.

Therefore, with the KLUSA project management platform, we have developed a management and information system that meets today’s complex requirements of multi-project management. On the one hand, the software was developed by our IT specialists in close cooperation with a major international customer. On the other hand, a permanent continued development according to customer-specific requirements and the latest standards is a matter of course for us.

Our team - makes the difference in reality!

Every team member is strong - but strength not only adds up - it becomes exponential in our team!


Thanks to our flexible and always customer-focused organization, we can react quickly and effectively to customer preferences


Our teams are working agile and according to the standards of the IT industry


For more than 25 years, DAX corporate clients from a wide variety of industries have confidence in us


Thanks to our quality management, we react very quickly to the wishes of our customers


Thanks to our ticket system, every customer has always immediate contact with us and our support

Standards & norms

We are working according to IT standards and can always provide our customers with essential information

Our experience will take your company to the next level in project management!

Because of our experience of over 25 years, we know the challenges for companies in the field of project management very well.

Our consultants will work “hand in hand” with you to meet your challenges and to advise you.

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