Introducing project management in your company

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Four success factors are important when introducing project management in your company. We have supported numerous customers in introducing project management.

Four success factors are important when introducing project management in your company.

We have supported numerous customers in introducing project management. Therefore, we know that not only good project management methods and a good tool are enough to introduce project management in your company and to establish it in the long run. With our four success factors, you will succeed in a sustainable introduction:

Simplicity is a key factor to high acceptance
The right decisions in the company depend on the fact that the database is correct and that there are no shadow systems or side agreements at all. Therefore it is one of the most important factors that everyone involved in project management accepts the tool used in the process – from management level to project manager, resource managers and employees.

KLUSA offers all required functions and overviews in a simple and clear form. The information necessary for project control must only be maintained in KLUSA. Thus, your actual work is not affected by process compliance and tool maintenance. Tool maintenance and process compliance do not degenerate into a chore for your employees.

Added value creates a high level of acceptance
If the added value of a project management tool quickly becomes visible, the acceptance of project management in the company also increases. You must therefore be aware of the problems and challenges a project management tool solves for your employees. But you must actively communicate this solution help and the associated added value to every employee. For this purpose, use the overviews and reporting of your project management tool. For instance, you can present analyzes to clearly show the added value of some projects to the management or offer solutions for bottlenecks with key resources.

Scale later but start soon
It turned out to be very risky to plan or implement a company-wide rollout of new processes, structures or tools right at the beginning, as this often might be extremely time-consuming and lengthy. As a result, employees see the corresponding added value only very slowly. It is far easier and faster if a project management tool is first introduced in a part of the company. In such cases, KLUSA can be extended to other areas of the company based on the experiences gained from the first implementations.

Start where the pain is greatest
Different divisions of the company benefit to different degrees from project management software. It could be best to choose an division with a very high level of dynamics, for example due to technological change or chronic bottlenecks with key resources. But also keep in mind that adopting project management software will only help if you select an division that is open to new possibilities. An important point here is communication and the change management in this division. You can achieve the maximum effect and a shining example for other divisions of your company in this manner.

At OPUS, we have gained a lot of experience concerning the introduction of project management software in individual divisions of companies over the years with KLUSA. You too can benefit from our experience!