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Tax ID number: DE224667547

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All information given and declarations made on our internet site have been thoroughly researched and checked by Opus GmbH or third parties. However, Opus GmbH can accept no liability for the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information thus provided; nor can it be held responsible for ensuring that such information is up to date. Any liability on the part of Opus GmbH in respect of material or non-material damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or, as the case may be, the use of incorrect or incomplete information shall be expressly excluded, provided that it cannot be shown that Opus GmbH has acted with malice aforethought or gross negligence. All offers are non-binding and subject to change without prior notice. Opus GmbH expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete the offer in whole or in part without prior notice or to temporarily or permanently suspend publication of the same.


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In a judgement of May 12, 1998, the Landgericht (District Court) Hamburg ruled that by linking to an external website one may be held jointly responsible with the owner of the same for the contents of the linked pages. According to that ruling this can only be prevented by making an express statement of dissociation from such contents. In the case of direct or indirect links to third-party internet sites that do not fall within the scope of responsibility of Opus GmbH, liability would only arise in cases where Opus GmbH had prior knowledge of the contents of those sites and it would in the case of illegal contents be both technically possible and reasonable for Opus GmbH to prevent their use. Opus GmbH hereby expressly declares that, at the time the links were placed, the pages thus linked were free of illegal content. Opus GmbH has no influence whatever on the current and future design, content or copyright of the linked pages. It is for this reason that Opus GmbH expressly distances itself from any contents of linked pages that have been changed since the links were placed. This declaration applies to all links and references to third-party entries to be found anywhere on the internet site of Opus GmbH, whether they be in guest books, news groups, forums or mailing lists set up by Opus GmbH. The owner of the site thus linked shall be solely liable for any illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and especially for any damage that may arise out of the use or non-use of information thus presented; any liability on the part of the person or persons who use links merely to refer to the publication in question shall be excluded.


Copyright and Trade Mark Law

Opus GmbH always takes the utmost care to ensure that copyrights applicable to the graphics, texts, and sound and video sequences used in all of its publications are respected. All protected brand and trade marks mentioned on its internet site and, if applicable, by third parties are fully subject to the provisions of the applicable trade mark law currently in force and the rights of ownership of the registered owners in each case. The mere fact that a trade mark is mentioned should not lead to the conclusion that this trade mark is not subject to protection under the rights of third parties. The copyright for objects created and published by Opus GmbH shall remain solely in the possession of Opus GmbH. The reproduction or use of such graphics, texts, sound and video sequences in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express permission of Opus GmbH.

The term “KLUSA” is a legally protected term belonging to OPUS GmbH. SAP®, SAP PS®, Netweaver®, xRPM®, BW®, cProjects® are registered trade marks of SAP AG. Microsoft®, Microsoft Office Project®, Microsoft Office Project Enterprise®, Microsoft .NET™ and SharePoint™ are registered trade marks of the Microsoft Corporation. Oracle® is a registered trade mark of the Oracle Corporation. HTML, XML, XHTML and W3C are trade marks or registered brands of W3C®, World Wide Web Consortium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you are of the opinion that your work has been copied in such a way as to infringe your copyright or to represent any other inadmissible encroachment whatsoever upon your rights we would ask you to let us know.


Data privacy statement

Our Data Privacy Statement is valid for all pages of OPUS GmbH that are identifiable by the page header and that link to this statement.


Legal Effectiveness

This disclaimer is to be seen as part of the internet presence to which reference is made on this page. If parts of this text or individual formulations therein do not comply with, no longer comply with, or do not entirely comply with the valid legal regulations, this shall not affect the content or validity of the remaining parts of the document.


Right to information

You can assert the right to information in writing or by e-mail to the offices named in the imprint. This also applies to contradictions to a given declaration of consent.



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Elsenheimerstraße 41
D-80687 Munich / Germany
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The contact person for all data protection matters in our federal state:

The Bavarian state commissioner for data protection
Dr. Thomas Petri

P.O. Box 22 12 19
D-80502 Munich / Germany


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