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Based in Munich, OPUS GmbH is a specialized IT service provider for consulting, development, integration and maintenance of project / multi-project management and software solutions.

Another business domain of OPUS GmbH is the individual development of custom-made software solutions, in a way an IT-technical “custom-made suit”.

OPUS provides services overall phases of the software development process. Our team accompanies you from analysis, conception, design and implementation to training and operaton.

The heart of an application is its business logic. In workshops we work out the requirements together with you, analyze business processes, identify risks, and provide consulting in making decisions.

Despite all attention to the details, our intention is always a solution with the best cost / benefit ratio!

Benefit from our experience in software architecture

A clear separation drying into different layers reduces the complexity of dependencies in a system. The type and number of layers is individually depending on your requiements and your IT landscape. You can frequently find the following layers in distributed systems:

    • presentation
    • control
    • application
    • data access
    • data management

For data exchange with the database we avoid direct access to the DBMS (database management system). With object-oriented programming, an object-relational mapping (ORM) is necessary in the data access layer that is implemented by means of an ORM framework. 

Application Programming for the Microsoft .NET platform in C #

Specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies, the core competencies of our company span the following issues:

  • Architecture, modeling and implementation of distributed and service-oriented architectures
  • Development of customer specific applications
  • .NET Development(C#, .Net-Framework, .Net-Testing, .Net-Security, Mobile Development)
  • ASP.NET (MVC), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • WF (Workflow Foundation)
  • Mobile Business Solutions

In the field of development Microsoft Visual Studio is our most important tool.  

Web development with ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Today users mostly use more than one device – in addition to the desktop PC or laptop also smartphones or tablets are applied. Therfore, cross-platform development becomes increasingly important to make applications future-proof.

Modern web browsers are an all powerful platform. Whether Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox: The browsers have evolved into a powerful operating environment.

The basis of the programming language is JavaScript and Typescript. With ECMAScript 2015 JavaScript has reached a good and modern standard. With TypeScript, Microsoft offers an alternative that enjoys increasing popularity.

The secret of successful web-based software development is about three letters: SPA. The Single Page Applications are in a way the Smart Client for the browser. After the application start, the client logic takes place in the browser. The communication with the server is done via JSON over HTTPS with Web APIs or push services.

Database design, modeling and programming

Benefit from the deep and extensive knowledge of our experts in the following subjects:

  • Database design and ER modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Application design and programming
  • Migration
  • Performance tuning
  • Quality assurance
  • Test management
  • Maintenance and operation of database-driven applications

Years of experience, a high level of commitment and high quality standards – these are our advantages.

Mobile apps for tablets and smartphones connected to your server application

We realize native mobile apps that stand out by their specifical tailoring to your requirements and target platform.

Apps are software applications with extensive functionality.

This includes databases and interfaces to server applications or web applications. They allow a more efficient use of your applications on tablets or smartphones.

Focussing on Distributed Systems

The Service-Oriented Architecture is a method in the field of distributed systems.

Focussing on Migration

The »software migration« subject is a golden oldie. Migration means the transfer of a software product into a different technological environment.

We successfully transfer your legacy systems to Microsoft .NET

Focussing on Web Development

Single page web applications are special web applications that implement much of the user interaction in a web page using clientside logic.

Focussing on Databases

Projektablaufplan (PAP) bzw. Projektplan

We constantly keep the knowledge of our experts up to date and thus offer our customers an optimum performance.