OPUS provides its multi-project management tool KLUSA with comprehensive vendor and customer management

Introduction of the new “Transactions” feature coming with version 8.7

The Munich-based IT company OPUS has expanded its in-house multi-project management software KLUSA and now also offers the administration of all supplier and customer transactions to users. Even in previous software versions, it was possible to connect projects with vendors and customers, appoint activities and file documents. What is new with the current version 8.7 is that KLUSA can map now the entire business process from offer to invoice.

The new feature “Transactions” includes the types offer, order, order confirmation, invoice, invoice cancellation, credit note as well as a freely definable transaction, e.g. for budget quotation without obligation. Users can create and manage transactions manually or semi-automatically. Moreover, transactions can be arranged hierarchically so that the business cases are available bundled. For the export, it is possible to create individual templates for each company and transaction type and store them in KLUSA. The manual production of such documents thus is completely unnecessary. In addition, groups and corporate groups can manage their independent companies with KLUSA by selecting different senders for internal and external transactions.

With this large functional extension, the software vendor OPUS wants to give the future opportunity to control all project-relevant business processes in KLUSA to users. The benefit is here that interfaces to other media can be reduced as no additional CRM or vendor management software is necessary. Different areas such as marketing, sales, purchasing, order processing, accounting but also project managers always have access to relevant information. A sufficient number of specific privileges ensures that employees have access to the respective data according to  their tasks and process steps.

“During the concept phase, we closely worked with our customers to get a feeling for their needs,” says Carsten Schmidt, division manager of KLUSA. “The end result is a flexible feature that can be tailored to a wide variety of customer requirements, and thus providing great value.”

Based in Munich, OPUS GmbH is a specialized IT service provider for consulting, development, integration and maintenance of software solutions. One focus of the software company is the development and marketing of the multi-project management tool KLUSA® that is successfully used by both large German enterprises and medium-sized businesses for the managment of individual projects up to the controlling of complex project landscapes.

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