Benefit and Scenario Analysis

KLUSA includes benefit analyzes for demands, projects and companies.

The benefit analysis shows a table with scoring teams and various criteria for evaluation. The figures for the total average over all scoring teams and criteria are calculated automatically from the weighted arithmetic mean. Colored bar charts intuitively visualize the values. Thus you get a quick comparing overview of all scorings.

Based on the scorings of projects and demands, the overall scorings can then be intregrated into KLUSA’s portfolio management. Here, you have a graphical and a tabular overview of all scorings – with the possibility to focus on diverse criteria.

With KLUSA’s portfolio management you can optimize projects, project variants and demands by the number of projects, budget and resources.

Basically,you should not exceed a practicable number of projects, a given budget and the maximum of available resources. You can define this in KLUSA with envelope curves (= capacity lines) for the number of projects, budget and resources over any time period.

The optimization of the projects can be done interactively on the timeline, where you can see the impact on the number of projects, costs or resources against the capacity lines graphically. Thus you can immediately recognize the use of costs or resources over the given time. The single projects thereby can be shifted on the time line to avoid overload peaks and to achieve an optimum utilization for the number of projects, costs or resources.

See also data sheet Portfolio