Projects and Demands

Before you start a project you can evaluate and score it in respect of its aims, feasibility and costs.

These scorings can be both qualitative and quantitative. You can define the qualitative criteria of the demands (project ideas), assign different weighting to each and compare them by means of a cost-benefit analysis. Also,you can compare demands in the portfolio management and decide about them according to various criteria.

If a there is a positive decision for a demand, then you can convert it to a project. All data such as the cost or resource planning or data coming from a project template or a process model can be taken over thereby.

You can plan, control and report  individual projects in KLUSA. To keep the planning effort low in the beginning, you can use templates or process models. For the work breakdown structure (WBS) you have a convinient schedule at hand. When the initial planning is complete you can store it as a reference.

Additionally, you can manage risks, project scopes, costs, documents, variants and more in KLUSA. For changes during the project, KLUSA supports an approval  workflow for change requests of the plan.

See also data sheet Projects