Reporting and Controlling

The creating of regular project reports is largely automated in KLUSA. When a reporting date is due, a snapshot of the project is maded and stored. You can then see a resulting milestone and risk trend analysis in the dashboard of the project. Of course, the project manager can additionally describe the project status textually (like e.g. acomplishments, disapointments, critical issues, next steps, etc).

On a multi-project level, you can view all project reports filtered, identify missing project reports and also lock them if necessary.

A steady plan / actual comparison gives always control of dates, project objectives, costs and benefits for your individual project in KLUSA.

On a multi-project level, KLUSA allows deeper analysis of each displayed information and drill down to the respective project data.

You can thereby appropriately limit the amount of projects with the use of various filters on periods, cost types, cost centers, or other parameters.

See also data sheet Reporting