Risks and Opportunities

KLUSA overall supports management, project managers and team with the management of project risks. KLUSA offers here

  • entering and describing risks
  • assessing risks by probability and impact
  • tracking the risks and
  • definining and tracking measures to handle risks

In addition to the risk management’s standard method, KLUSA also supports the FMEA method (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). You can use and report both methods within one project.

KLUSA covers the needs of the project manager and team for a pragmatic way of risk assessing and tracking.

KLUSA also offers a risk management with an opposite sign. Here,you can handle the chances of a project and manage the measures to achieve them.

For the management KLUSA offers the possibility of a corporate risk and opportunity analysis and assessment. Via interfaces, you can also transfer risk data to a general risk management system.

See also data sheet Risks