Schedule and Resources

The main contents and tasks of a project are handled in the KLUSA schedule. This hierarchical work breakdown structure (WBS) includes projects, subprojects, work packages, milestones, and associated activities.

Also, the project’s resource planning on work packages takes place in the schedule.

In each project or subproject level, there are automatically generated work packages that are assigned to the (sub)project and can be used as a rough planning elements. Their duration is the same as the duration of the (sub)project.

In KLUSA, it is possible to create skills and capacities with belonging staff in resource pools (representing e.g. departments, cost centers, etc). The project managers can plan and request these pool resources in the work packages of their projects. You can plan and request thereby either named resources or according to skills.

The requested resources may be booked using a workflow or already be assigned by request. The approval process is standardized and transparent in a clear graphical representation. Until (official) request, the personal resource planning of the project manager remains invisible for the resource management.

Portfolio managers can compare the resources of various demands, projects and project variants with each other and also optimize the capacities. Over or under capacities can thus be balanced and the workload remains planned in an optimum way.

See also data sheet Resources