KLUSA introduction into the company

A company defines a project management process as a first step towards successful project management. Then this process is introduced and established. Parallel to the introduction of the process, often a new project management software is implemented that supports the process and can be flexibly customized to it.

The procedure to implement KLUSA usually corresponds to such a reliable process model:

  1. In a consulting phase the mapping of the project management process in KLUSA is released together with the customer. The consultant developes a precise KLUSA setup with customizing, roles and other configuration parameters and coordinates this with the customer.
  2. OPUS implementes this setup and provides it to the customer as a test installation. Based on this, the tool can be fine-tuned.
  3. Larger installations usually are followed by a pilot phase when KLUSA is examined in real project work conditions.
  4. The final rollout often is accompanied by an information of the staff and user trainings. Ideally, PM methods trainings are combined with tool trainings to link theory and practice closely and thus to achieve maximum benefit for the project participants.
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