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KLUSA product overview - everything at a glance

Companies are always changing. Additionally, organic growth or acquisitions are important drivers, here. That is why it is particularly important to work with a convinient project management solution in every phase. Furthermore, project management solutions should simply grow with your company and, if necessary, be able to adapt to requirements. Our software solution KLUSA meets all these requirements and has a modular structure that allows it to grow together with your company. For this purpose, we show you a detailed list of the entire functional scope of KLUSA, here. Also, you will find the respective versions such as Essential, Professional and Enterprise explained in detail.

KLUSA Essential Example
    General and user specific views

  • Project time accounting
    Closure, Maintenance of absences (locations)

  • Projects
    Risks / opportunities, project structure and scheduling, tasks, resources, budget, costs / benefits, documents, reports, plan variants, change management

  • Administration
    System administration, user and role administration, and catalog administration

KLUSA Professional Example
  • The KLUSA Professional version includes additional functions such as:

  • Project effort recording
    Alternative time accounting for projects

  • Management
    Dashboards and multi-project views of dates, costs, resources, etc; data exports to MS Office Excel, Word, and PowerPoint (report designer)

  • ERP Sync Manager (interface)
    Automatic project-related import of actual costs from the ERP systems

  • JIRA connection
    Exchange and communication with the Jira ticket system

KLUSA Enterprise Example
  • The KLUSA Enterprise version includes additional functions such as:

  • Demands
    Pre-projects with scope, dates, costs, resource skills, and documents

  • Portfolio
    Portfolio compositions, portfolio scenarios, feedback for project ideas / projects

  • Resources
    Company-wide resource management, mapping of the line organization, departments, teams and employees with specialist profiles / skills and capacities

  • Companies
    Vendor and customer management with their links to projects, offers, orders, invoices as well as a competitive analysis

  • Further interfaces
    AD/ LDAP UserSync, MS Project add-in, customer specific interfaces