KLUSA SaaS with upgraded infrastructure

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a notion is somehow gone out of date. To come into vogue, you must speak of Cloud Computing nowadays. We considered to call KLUSA in the cloud “Kloud” but stuck to KLUSA SaaS. After all, we run the complete KLUSA infrastructure by ourself. This means that no data or application is stored or processed by Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, iCloud or the like.

We upgraded our SaaS data center with modular server technology over the last months.
Performance that pays off!

We count on the latest technologies and a sophisticated service concept for our customers. The advantages of the SaaS model are obvious. For the customer, the costs for the installation and maintenance of KLUSA do not arise. Our IT specialists take over these tasks. The users can access KLUSA immediatelly after installation. Essential software updates are installed after consultation with our customers according to ITIL guidelines.

The security of customer data and the reliability of the systems thereby has the highest priority. We achieve this using a subtle multistage backup concept of customer data and observance of all relevant safety aspects, such as encrypted data transmission. Redundant system units and a proactive system monitoring carried out by our IT specialists ensure the highest availability of KLUSA.

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