KLUSA®Version 9.0 Started

Optimizing usability with new technology

In October of this year we started KLUSA® Version 9.0. Our multiproject management software KLUSA® Version 9.0 shines in a new and optimized gloss. With the conversion of the technology, which works in the background for KLUSA®, we have been able to further optimize the performance of our multiproject management tool. But we have never lost sight of our customers wishes despite the conversion. Many requests of the customer were also implemented with the changeover to the new version and further increase the versatility of the tool – but without burdening the clarity of the user. In addition to the technological changes in the system, we have continued to drive the optimization of usability. Today there are more settings for the individual user. This allows each user of the system to save their own settings.

But: That´s not all – a new user can adopt all settings by using a default setting of a predefined default user. These settings were previously preset by the administration and can therefore be adaped to every need and every company.

Let us convince You of our new KLUSA® multiproject management tool – arrand an appointment with our experts!

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