MyKLUSA Dashboard - explained simply!

MyKLUSA dashboard - why do I need it?

In project work, a dashboard shows the whole of all critical key performance indicators (KPIs), displayed as tiles and graphic charts. Like in a car, the dashboard visualizes the KPIs as a complete overview of one or more projects.

What is a dashboard?

Dashboard Companies love dashboards. Most of them are used in the controlling, i.e. where it is important to visualize complex contexts in a simple form, and to represent them graphically in a clear manner. This information is primarily used for well-founded decisions in companies. You can particularly  use dashboards in the following scenarios:
  • Target / actual comparison in project planning
  • Plan / actual costs comparison in project controlling
  • Turnover trend for forecast vs. booked sales per quarter
  • Comparison of income to costs in month, fiscal year, etc. .

Where does the dashboard data come from?  

The data prepared for dashboards mostly comes from systems such as ERP and big data. In your own project management system, too, it makes sense and is useful to have a dashboard for your data to always keep track of all situations.

Get your own dashboard in KLUSA

KLUSA EnterpriseThe MyKLUSA module serves as the starting point for your work. Here you will find areas with

  • Current news,
  • An overview with a personalized dashboard including personally relevant data on projects, work packages, change requests, etc.,
  • Information on your own work situation, missing reports, etc.
  • Time recording for projects managed by KLUSA.

A customer-specific support and / or ticket system can also be connected here.