Efficient project planning with the adequate work package size

According to the PMBOK® Guide (sixth edition of the Project Management Institute Global Standard) the term work package means the work that is defined at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure; thereby costs and duration are estimated and controlled, too. Thus, work packages are the basic components of a project. A lack of[…]


Is working time the same as project time?

This question arises again and again in many sectors. Usually, opinions differ here. Many companies working with projects and the related time accounting, mix up these things. However, the question remains: is working time the same as project time? To approach this subject, the working hours must first be analyzed. In Germany, there is a[…]

The Change

Introducing project management in your company

Four success factors are important when introducing project management in your company. We have supported numerous customers in introducing project management. Therefore, we know that not only good project management methods and a good tool are enough to introduce project management in your company and to establish it in the long run. With our four[…]

Daten 10101010 - KLUSA® Projektmanagement Software

What is work breakdown structure (wbs)

You are a child of the 80ties? Then you certainly remember the classic television series The A-TEAM with „Hannibal“ Smith (the leader),  „B. A.“ Baracus (the muscleman),  „Face“ Peck (the pretty boy) and H. M. Murdock (the madman). The following quote comes from this series: „I love it when a plan comes together.” “Hannibal” and his gang[…]

Why is it worth using project management software?

Using a project management software supports a systematic project work for the individual user groups within a company. For most users, this systematic work certainly is a change initially, but it also involves a certain change management for the executive staff. However, once acceptance for the systematic work has been achieved, this creates a high[…]

KLUSA®Version 9.0 Started

Optimizing usability with new technology In October of this year we started KLUSA® Version 9.0. Our multiproject management software KLUSA® Version 9.0 shines in a new and optimized gloss. With the conversion of the technology, which works in the background for KLUSA®, we have been able to further optimize the performance of our multiproject management[…]