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Communication in teams is not always easy. That's why the world of old post-it notes in KLUSA meets the virtual world in our new challenge board.

In the world of project management, we know that effective communication is a critical factor in the success of a project. At Opus, we have recognized that methods such as post-its and whiteboards are time-consuming and inefficient. However, they are still part of traditional tasks and communication management. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to our newest tool: The challenge board, the innovative solution that takes your communication to the next level without the inconvenience of post-its and whiteboards.

What our challenge board can do?

Communication that inspires: Our challenge board offers a comprehensive digital platform where you can manage transparently and easily all tasks and challenges. You will never lose track or important information again. Because in the world of project management, one of the most important things is a smooth and effective communication between your team members.

Structured collaboration: Organize your tasks and challenges easily into custom categories. Create columns for task statuses, priorities, and more for best work organization.

Live collaboration: Take your team collaboration to a new level. With our challenge board, you can significantly improve communication. Add  information during your project meeting in real-time to overcome your challenges.

Data-driven decisions: Use data and solutions from old notes to optimize your project management. Our challenge board saves the history of all activities, so you can identify trends and analyze patterns thus improving your operational sequences.

With KLUSA’s challenge board, improving communication becomes an easy task. Get rid of the mess of post-it notes and whiteboards, increase the efficiency of your internal communication and maximize your team’s productivity.

Are you ready for a future where communication is the key to success in every project? Let’s form the next level of your project management together. Find out how our challenge board can improve the way you work. Arrange a demo today!

Richard Ruth

Richard Ruth

Richard Ruth, ist seit August 2019 bei der Opus GmbH und leitet als Direktor den Bereich Produktentwicklung & Customer Care. 2020 übernahm er die Funktion des Prokuristen für die OPUS Organisation für Programmierung und Systementwicklung mbH.