App Project Management

The KLUSA app for project management bundles the most important information user-specific for all project participants, so that every user of the mobile application gets an individual overview based on their needs.

The KLUSA Android app provides a comprehensive overview of planning status, resources, costs, and project progress:

  • Is the project within the allocated budget?
  • Which milestones are due or even overdue?
  • What are the current time recordings and the remaining effort on work packages?
  • To which projects are the human resources allocated?
  • Which task is next?

The KLUSA Android app provides information on the following topics:

  • Basic data: General project information (master data) for due dates, subordinate projects, and other assigned attributes
  • Project scope: Goal, approach, deliverables, and value contribution of the project
  • Schedule: milestones and work packages, including subprojects with status, dates, and further data about the selected node
  • Resources: requested resources of the project itself and possibly subprojects; work packages, status, and total effort are always displayed. Time unit, pools, skills and resources can be shown or hidden from view.
  • Reports: Management and team reports of the project with date, status, achievements, obstacles, critical points and next steps.
  • Time recording: Time accountings of employees in a project with comparison plan / actual / difference; the desired period and the display of the planned/actual values ​​for the time accountings can be set
  • Chart: GANTT chart with work packages, their progress and subprojects; milestone timeline with status and dependencies of milestones on each other.

For more information, see the Mobile App datasheet.

The KLUSA Android App is available in the Google Play Store and can be operated with an existing KLUSA installation.

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