Cost Planning Project Management

Cost planning in project management is a very critical success factor for a project. Especially in large projects, the costs often get out of hand. However, companies need very accurate cost planning for reliable planning and financing. This must be checked again and again during a project. Since 2001, our project management software KLUSA has been used successfully in many companies for just this purpose.

Many functions, such as the benefit and scenario analysis and the precise recording of all risks, are one of many strengths of KLUSA. In the detailed overview of the functional scope, you get to know the possibilities of the software. Numerous companies already rely on KLUSA. We are happy to show you how the practical experience has been integrated into our software that nowadays works web-based and supports distributed work.

You know how important cost planning is in project management. The decision for or against a software is not easy. Therefore, you should take up the offer to get personalized advice from our experts who can show you tailor-made how our software KLUSA gets a grip on the cost planning in your company for upcoming projects.

If you are interested, have a look at our datasheet Costs here.

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