Employee Time Tracking

Especially in times of flexible working hours, employee time recording is of interest and important for both the employee and the company. The employee wants to keep an eye on his hourly balance and the company needs the data for the cost accounting. The project management software KLUSA offers a method of time recording for both groups.

The working hours are recorded directly to the projects by each team member themselves or by another person acting as substitute. In addition to the recorded times, comments and further information can be entered in the data entry mask, for example, information on processed bug tickets or documents.

By assigning an individual worktime model and calendar (important in case of several locations in regions or countries with different holidays) to each user, the target working time is calculated and compared with the actual time recordings. From this, KLUSA calculates the individual time balance.

In addition, KLUSA offers functions in the time registration module, such as: a workflow for vacation application and approval. If this function is used, the employee also has an overview of their holiday balance at all times.

As further benefit of the working time models, the exact capacity of the team members can be calculated, so that in the allocation of project resources with their capacity and utilization is visible at all times. Various Excel reports of the entered data are available to the management and the invoice department.

If you are interested, have a look at our datasheet Time accounting here or contact us directly.

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