Portfolio Project Management

In the broadest sense, portfolio project management is related to multi-project management.

However, the availability of funds and resources play a different role in project portfolio management, depending on the portfolio.

It is crucial for the management to set the different goals in the right relationship, when prioritizing projects and establishing portfolios . These prioritizations may shift. Projects are changing all the time, and also strategic goals may be altered.

The KLUSA Project Management Tool can be used to determine the following framework conditions for its portfolio module, which can be set individually per month:

  • The number of projects in the portfolio should not exceed a certain limit. Either not enough project managers are available in the organization, or you want to keep the number of projects manageable for your company.
  • The funds for all projects can be entered in the portfolio. The costs already planned by the projects belonging to the portfolio are displayed in a way to make the overrun of budget limits visible.
  • The available resources can also be entered. Here, KLUSA supports with a functionality that adds up the already allocated resources in the assigned projects, so that the free capacities or capacity overruns
    can easily be recognized.

Further information can be found in the datasheet Portfolio and datasheet Benefit Analysis

Please contact us and we will show you further features in our KLUSA project portfolio management.

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