Project Management Planning

As soon as the project scope is clear, the project objective has been identified as worthwhile and necessary, the labor-intensive phase of project management planning begins in all its facets.

Project management planning is the most time-consuming process during the initial phase, but in no way done with creating the project schedule.

During the entire project period, project manager is required to monitor the planning and, if necessary, make corrections to the plan. The professional project management tool KLUSA supports you beginning with the demand until the end of the project and beyond.

The risk analysis is a first important step to identify risks from the outset and to minimize them by taking appropriate measures in response.

The tasks are specified and presented in detail in a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Arrangement of dates for the schedule and milestone plan are enormously important, especially for larger projects and dependencies on third-party projects.

An important issue is resource planning, especially with regard to planning of internal or external resources.

On the one hand, the cost planning results from the resources used - those costs are calculated automatically based on the planned resources - and on the other hand from material costs and other ongoing costs recorded in the cost plan.

The company OPUS GmbH, with its more than 25 years of experience and its project management platform KLUSA, supports you in all aspects of project management. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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