Project Management Resource Planning

The project management tool KLUSA offers not only a detailed project planning module, but in addition a complementary and comprehensive resource management module.

Resource requests form the basis of the project management resource planning that the project manager can define per work package as required. Resource requests include among other things the skill of the required resource, the effort in person days (PD) for the corresponding work package, and the specification of the desired employee or resource pool. When the resource pool has been specified, the manager of the corresponding pool takes over the assignment of an employee to the request. In a subsequent approval process, the pool manager has many options for dealing with resource requests. He can split, partially approve or reject requests, allocate effort to multiple employees in his pool, or perform multiple operations with different resource requests.

For both project managers and resource pool managers, resource planning in KLUSA offers clear capacity charts - both as graphs and tables - so that all the information about resource allocation and capacity utilization is available at a glance. That's is also available on a cross-project basis in the KLUSA module "Management".

If you are interested, have a look at our datasheets Resources and Multi-project Management here or contact us directly.

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