Project Portfolio Management Software

An important task in a company is the maintenance of project portfolios. Projects are subject to constant change - they are started, canceled, terminated, extended, etc. As a result, the portfolio also changes and requires constant monitoring. A suitable "project portfolio management software" reduces the effort.

The KLUSA project portfolio management software completely covers the central areas of portfolio management, for example the selection of the right projects and project ideas and the scheduling within the specified capacity limits.

KLUSA complements its project portfolio software with an extensive project evaluation system. Projects are evaluated by responsible persons and/or teams according to predefined criteria, which a customer can define for themselves. The valuations are aggregated in the portfolio module. For example, demands can be turned into projects based on good ratings and be included in the portfolio. Also, highly valued projects may be considered for strategically important portfolios.

For more information, see the datasheet Portfolio.

Please contact us and we will show you further features in our project portfolio management software.

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