Project Resource Planning

In addition to a distinctive planning variety in the "Gantt-Chart" workspace, the project manager can create an unlimited number of resource requests in the project management tool KLUSA per work package.

The most important attributes of a resource request are the skill of the requested resource, the distribution of effort, and the name of the desired employee or resource pool.

When the request is saved, it is up to the manager of the respective resource pool to approve or reject it. They also have the opportunity to perform extensive operations on the resource request. In this regard, they can split requests in time, allocate effort to several employees, or even move entire requests to other pools and much more. Thus, project resource planning in KLUSA covers a broad spectrum and numerous options for managing resource pools.

In order to have an overview of the current state of affairs, the project manager, as well as the manager of a resource pool, has analysis tools for employees and their capacity utilization in form of tables and graphs available.

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