Project Time Accounting

Project time accounting is an important component of project management to keep an eye on project costs, as work performed is the number one cost factor in many projects.

On the one hand, the recording of working hours on individual projects can be the basis for invoicing to the client, on the other hand, by comparing the planned efforts with the actually allocated times - i.e. a plan / actual comparison - information about the project efficiency and maybe also about the experience of the project leader can be gained.

Recording the time spent on projects in the same tool where the project management works brings more benefits. With the PM Tool KLUSA you control your projects. Your employees or external resources allocate their time accounting quickly and easily to the work packages. Through a sophisticated roles and rights management you can achieve that the accounting employee has only a very limited view of the project and can easily enter their working hours.

Even more convenient is the recording of working hours with the KLUSA mobile app. Nothing could be easier than recording the project times in the smartphone while already on the way home.

The project manager gets a clear display of the assigned accountings by the project staff in ​​the resource module. As soon as the accountings have been marked as "completed", the personnel costs are calculated with the help of the stored cost rates and entered automatically as project costs in the cost module.

If you are interested, have a look at our datasheet Time Accounting here.

We'll gladly show you how to handle the project management software KLUSA in the areas of project management, time accounting and project costs without duplication of effort.

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