Resource Planning Project

Inefficient resource planning endangers the project's success and should be avoided. However, having a large number of or highly complex projects means that it is not easy to keep track of all resources. Good software can help you here.

In KLUSA, you can manage resource pools and associate your employees with one pool each. Every employee has several skills and a capacity assigned. You can plan and request the required resources on the work packages of your projects. Resource planning can be as rough or detailed as desired. Your personal resource planning is invisible to the resource management until it is requested. Thanks to various comparative overviews and graphs, resource managers can identify capacity bottlenecks at a glance. KLUSA is also characterized by a transparent approval process.

In the management view, resource capacities and workloads can be viewed across multiple pools. In addition, the portfolio module allows different comparisons of demands, projects and project variants by designing different plan scenarios. You can optimize the scenarios for various criteria and use them as a basis for rescheduling your actual project business.

We have further information for you in our datasheet for resource management. In addition, we look forward to being contacted by you personally!

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