Resource planning tool

Anyone who wants to successfully manage projects must efficiently distribute their resources. The greater the number of or the higher the complexity of projects, the more difficult it is to keep track of resource planning. Therefore, it makes sense to use a tool that supports you. With KLUSA nothing stands in the way of optimizing your resource planning!

Create different resource pools and manage your employees there. It is possible to assign several qualifications and one capacity to an employee. The resources you need can be requested on the work packages of your projects. Whether the resource planning is rough or detailed is up to the user. Thanks to a specific status, personal resource planning is invisible to resource management until it is requested. Pool managers are informed about possible capacity bottlenecks with the aid of various comparative overviews and graphs. The approval process is transparent to all involved.

Resource capacities and workloads can be viewed in the management overview across multiple pools. In the portfolio management it is possible to compare the resources of different demands, projects and project variants and to create scenarios. These scenarios are a great way to optimize the utilization of your resources.

The resource management datasheet provides more in-depth information. You can request personalized advice from our KLUSA experts.

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