Risk Analysis in Project Management

For risk analysis in project management, it is of particular importance to collect the risk data centrally, to assess and track the risks. KLUSA supports the project manager in collecting the risk data together with the measures. The measures describe ways of eliminating, reducing or avoiding risks. KLUSA provides a comprehensive data entry mask for risk analysis in project management. Each risk can be described by name, category, person responsible and status. In addition, the impact and probability of the risk, as well as the impact on time and costs can be entered. Also, a risk trend analysis can be used to track changes in the risks by adjusting their impact and probability.

For the measures that can be assigned to each risk, the risk owner can enter general data, define the strategy for risk reduction, and enter costs and benefits. Additionally, in KLUSA, the progress of each action can be tracked to completion.

KLUSA provides the listed functionalities for both project risks and technical risks according to the FMEA standard. You will find further information in the datasheet for the risk module in KLUSA.

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