Software Risk Analysis

In project management, the use of suitable software is becoming increasingly important. Applications can be used to centrally record, analyze, and document projects. A comprehensive risk analysis is an important part of projects. The project management software KLUSA offers, among other key components such as project planning and resource planning, a solution for risk analysis.

The project manager can enter the various parameters of a risk such as name, person responsible, status, impact on costs and duration of the project, as well as the measures for managing the risk. To track the measures, criteria such as name, prevention strategy, duration, and level of progress can be recorded. The project management and risk analysis software KLUSA not only supports the project manager in documenting, assessing, and tracking risks, but can also visualize the risks in different ways: in the form of a risk trend analysis, which shows the change in the risk status over time, using a risk matrix broken down by the level of impact and the likelihood of occurrence of the risk, or a bubble chart that quickly captures individual values ​​of multiple risks.

In addition to the standard project risks, the software KLUSA also supports the risk analysis of technical risks according to the FMEA standard.

If you are interested, have a look at our datasheet Risks here or contact us directly.

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