Tools for Project Management

More and more companies are using project management tools for their operative as well as strategic project planning. For large corporations with their sometimes large, highly complex, yearlong projects, this is without question the only right way. But also medium-sized companies are increasingly looking for web-based project management software to get a better overview of all their ongoing projects and to be able to make the right decisions based on well-founded data. KLUSA, the sophisticated project management tool from the Munich-based software house OPUS, has been winning many well-known customers since 2001, as it includes efficient single project management, strategic portfolio planning and operative multi-project controlling.

The functionality of the software differentiates KLUSA from many other tools for project management. From our experience we know that depending on company size and industry type the requirements for a project management tool vary widely. It would be best for you to speak directly with our experts about how to address the specific needs of your company with KLUSA.

List of terms

A Agile Project Management Software
App Work Time Recording
App Project Management
B Benefit Analysis Project Management
Best Project Management Tools
C Capacity Planning
Capacity Planning Personnel
Capacity Planning in Project Management
Communication in Project Management
Cost Planning Project Management
Create Project Plan
E Employee Time Tracking
G Gantt Chart Project Management
Gantt Project Management
H Human Resources Requirements Planning
Human Resource Planning
I International Project Management
IT Portfolio Management
M Manage Projects
Multi-Project Management
Multi-Project Management Software
Multi-Project Management Tool
P Personnel Cost Planning
Personnel Resource Planning
PM Tools
Portfolio Management
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Portfolio Management System
Portfolio Management Tools
Portfolio Project Management
Program Project Management
Project Administration
Project Controlling
Project Controlling Software
Project Controlling Tool
Project Evaluation
Project Landscape
Project Management App
Project Management Benefit Analysis
Project Management Gantt
Project Management Office
Project Management Planning
Project Management Resource Planning
Project Management Risk Analysis
Project Management Schedule
Project Management Software
Project Management System Schedule
Project Management Time Recording
Project Management Tools
Project Management Workflow
Project Planning Software
Project Planning Tool
Project Portfolio
Project Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Management Software
Project Resource Plan
Project Resource Planning
Project Schedule
Project Software
Project Steering
Project Time Accounting
 R Resource Plan Project Management
Resource Plan
Resource Planning
Resource Planning of Employees
Resource Planning Project
Resource Planning Project Management
Resource Planning Software
Resource Planning Tool
Resources Management
Resources Project Management
Risk Analysis Project
Risk Analysis Project Management
Risk Analysis Software
Risk Management in Projects
Risk Management Project
Risk Management Project Management
Risk Management Software
S Scenario Analysis
Schedule Project Management
Scheduling in Project Management
Software Development and Project Management
Software Project Management
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T Time Accounting Projects
Tools for Project Management
Tools Project Management
W Web-based Project Management
Work Breakdown Structure
Work Breakdown Structure Software