Work Breakdown Structure

One of the essential tasks for a project is the documentation of all topics and planned work. In the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) the complete extent of a project is recorded in a structured way.

With the project management software KLUSA, you can create a hierarchical work breakdown structure as a list. You determine the level of detail and the methodology (top-down or bottom-up) you want to use. The tasks are collected, summarized, postponed and hierarchically defined and arranged in the desired depth, until you have clearly and completely recorded the project scope. Larger task packages can be defined as sub-projects with their own work breakdown structure. The connection to these subprojects is visible in the higher-level work breakdown structure where the relationships with other projects can also be entered.

For each element of the KLUSA work breakdown structure, you can defined a code using one of the following options: automatically assigned, unique numerical code or a manual code in numerical or textual form.

Based on the work breakdown structure , the multi-project management software KLUSA offers the options to create a schedule and plan resources. The most important project data as well as the assignment of the individual work packages to the responsible persons are thus immediately apparent and constitute an important control instrument for the management.

From the project idea to the completion of all associated task packages and projects, KLUSA offers complete software support for project management.

We are happy to answer further questions about our multi-project management software KLUSA.

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