Requirements Engineering

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Quickly and precisely implement customer requirements 

Requirement EngineeringRequirements engineering, also known as requirements analysis, plays a central role in the design of processes – and this not only in the area of software development. Here, based on the requests of the user, it is defined how the handling of an element should behave (in the case of OPUS software). This ensures that the customer’s requirements are implemented accurately and according to their expectations. Our requirements engineers will discuss your requests for the software with you and are guided by methods of agile software development in doing so.

We support youcreating the specifications based on user stories and acceptance criteria. This is the first step towards quality assurance of the software. Together with you, we then agree on the requirement specification, of course in the context of agile methods. We document your required results and accompany the development process in order to ensure that your requirements are implemented as needed at all times. We use these methods both in the development of individual software as well as in the further development of our KLUSA project management software.

Here our requirements engineers support you with targeted and custom-made extensions of KLUSA for the needs and processes in your company. Of course, our expertise in the field of requirements analysis is also available to you independently of KLUSA. Learn more on this in a face-to-face meeting.