Single source IT Service

OPUS provides expert knowledge and years of experience in custom software development, consulting and training by certified project managers as well as service and support according to ITIL.

Consultants assist with the requirements analysis, define the catalog of specifications and accompany the course of the project – all this in close collaboration with you. The development team flexibly and individually implements customer requests. The mapping of corporate structures and processes is an important objective, though. The support team cares about the operation according to ITIL.


Years of experience in providing consultation services really make the difference when it comes to the success of your project. Making the right decisions at the right time often makes that crucial bit of difference between success and failure. It is always helpful to have a competent partner at your side: someone who can imaginatively put themselves into your situation and who is always there with help and advice when you need them. This will give you a feeling of security and free you up to think about other issues.

The project management experts from OPUS support you in all fields of the simple introduction of KLUSA to ensure low costs of ownership. We can advise you in respect of project management standard processes and methods. At the same time we can offer you help in the individualisation of your business – making use of a comprehensive array of best practices derived over many years from many different sectors.

Professional support in the introduction and expansion of your project management system forms the centrepiece of our consultancy service. Of course this consulting is independent of the processes and methods in association of our project management tool KLUSA. On the other hand this consulting sure might take place in the context of a KLUSA implementation.

As certified project managers (GPM/IPMA), our consultants will be happy to support you by providing both advice on the introduction of, or changes to, project management projects and actual assistance in the implementation of such projects.

Requirement Engineering

OPUS has to handle diverse software development and rollout projects. Thereby the challenge is to coordinate software architects, lead developers, requirements engineers, product management, support and programmers from Munich, Romania and Poland. Here it is most important that all involved parties know what has to be ready in what state and at what time. Only this way the targets delivery in time and agreed requirements can be achieved.

Usually we appoint as project manager a software architect for software development projects, a requirement engineer for rollout projects and a chief developer for individual software projects. Also we have defined standard milestones with fixed targets and activities where project can orientate themselves.


To reach e.g. milestone M10 the full specification of the customer requirements shoulf be available for us and the specification should be approved by the customer by M30. We have defined fixed phases defined by milestones. This way each project remains comparable. Each team member can see at once in what phase the project is. For the single phases, we have defined a set of work packages with dates, responsibilities and activities.

Using the KLUSA controlling and reporting, there is a weekly project meeting with management in addition to smaller project-specific ad hoc coordination votings and project meetings. KLUSA management reports and the multi-project management overviews thereby support the coordination and priorities of the further common proceeding. Contact us if you are interested in details of our approach to software development. We are pleased to explain it to you in a personal discussion.


Professional and practical oriented project management trainings

OPUS is at your disposal as professional partner for project management seminars. OPUS has extensive, practical, and longtime project management experiences (best practices) comimg from many sectors. Our consultants are certified Project Managers (GPM/IPMA) and have respective theoretical background knowledge, too.

Thus, we can hold numerous trainings for you and your employees – ranging from project management process and methodology to team trainings up to executive coaching.

Please find following an excerpt from our seminar program:

  • Basics of Project Management
  • Teamwork in Projects
  • Project Management Methods
  • Project Marketing
  • Constructive Troubleshooting in Projects
  • Steering Project Teams
  • Negotiate Project Effectively
  • Project Manager as a Temporary Executive
  • Mentor Training

Individual preparation of the KLUSA implementation

Successful training requires targeted preparation. You will need to clarify questions such as: “What degree of existing knowledge do our participants have?” and “what do we actually want them to learn?” The inevitable conclusion will be that, if the desired success is to be assured, each training course needs to be individually tailored both to the participants and to the wishes of those laying on the event. Generally speaking the training courses will be geared to the roles that the participants play in the organisation. In this way it will be possible to create a tailor-made course concept for each role in your business for which you have envisaged training.

Specialist knowledge and the ability to identify with the students

The success of a training course will be enhanced if you use the right mix of methods. The most important thing is to keep the individual participant on board and to meet his needs and answer his questions on an individual basis. We use our specialist knowledge and ability to empathise to build bridges to your clients – a quality that will pay off in the long term.

Individual software development

OPUS provides services overall phases of the software development process.

Our team accompanies you from analysis, conception, design and implementation to training and operaton.

The heart of an application is its business logic. In workshops we work out the requirements together with you, analyze business processes, identify risks, and provide consulting in making decisions.

Despite all attention to the details, our intention is always a solution with the best cost / benefit ratio!

Focussing on Distributed Systems

The Service-Oriented Architecture is a method in the field of distributed systems..

Benefit from our experience in software architecture

A clear separation drying into different layers reduces the complexity of dependencies in a system. The type and number of layers is individually depending on your requiements and your IT landscape. You can frequently find the following layers in distributed systems:

  • presentation
  • control
  • application
  • data access
  • data management

For data exchange with the database we avoid direct access to the DBMS (database management system). With object-oriented programming, an object-relational mapping (ORM) is necessary in the data access layer that is implemented by means of an ORM framework.

Focussing on Migration


The »Softwaremigration« subject is a golden oldie. Migration means the transfer of a software product into a different technological environment.

We successfully transfer your legacy systems to Microsoft .NET

Application Programming for the Microsoft .NET platform in C #

Specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies, the core competencies of our company span the following issues:

  • Architecture, modeling and implementation of distributed and service-oriented architectures
  • Development of customer specific applications
  • .NET Development(C#, .Net-Framework, .Net-Testing, .Net-Security, Mobile Development)
  • ASP.NET (MVC), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • WF (Workflow Foundation)
  • Mobile Business Solutions
  • Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Office

In the field of development Microsoft Visual Studio is our most important tool.

Focussing on Web Development

Single page web applications are special web applications that implement much of the user interaction in a web page using clientside logic.

Web development with ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Today users mostly use more than one device - in addition to the desktop PC or laptop also smartphones or tablets are applied. Therfore, cross-platform development becomes increasingly important to make applications future-proof.

Modern web browsers are an all powerful platform. Whether Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox: The browsers have evolved into a powerful operating environment.

The basis of the programming language is JavaScript and Typescript. With ECMAScript 2015 JavaScript has reached a good and modern standard. With TypeScript, Microsoft offers an alternative that enjoys increasing popularity.

The secret of successful web-based software development is about three letters: SPA. The Single Page Applications are in a way the Smart Client for the browser. After the application start, the client logic takes place in the browser. The communication with the server is done via JSON over HTTPS with Web APIs or push services.

Focussing on Databases

We constantly keep the knowledge of our experts up to date and thus offer our customers an optimum performance.

Database design, modeling and programming

Benefit from the deep and extensive knowledge of our experts in the following subjects:

  • Database design and ER modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Application design and programming
  • Migration
  • Performance tuning
  • Quality assurance
  • Test management
  • Maintenance and operation of database-driven applications

Years of experience, a high level of commitment and high quality standards - these are our advantages.

Mobile apps for tablets and smartphones connected to your server application

We realize native mobile apps that stand out by their specifical tailoring to your requirements and target platform.

Apps are software applications with extensive functionality.

This includes databases and interfaces to server applications or web applications. They allow a more efficient use of your applications on tablets or smartphones.

Focussing on Mobile Apps

Here you can see some screen shots of the KLUSA App for mobile devices..



Effective and efficient service and support in line with ITIL
For us, the most important thing is to meet the needs of our customers. It is our constant aim to improve our service in order to anticipate – and even to exceed – the expectations of our customers. Providing the highest possible level of service support allow us with confidence to give guarantees of quality and customer satisfaction and to build up long-term customer relationships founded on trust and integrity.

Our ultimate aim is to provide user satisfaction and to resolve errors as quickly as is humanly possible in order to keep any negative effects on the business process to the absolute minimum.

Our local service desks have an important role to play here. Thanks to our contact points in Europe, USA and Asia we are in a position to respond appropriately to the cultural and linguistic differences between our customers. Our support teams are located across different time zones, with the effect that they are available practically around the clock.

Our service desk technologies are, on the other hand, centrally set up, enabling us to keep track of and monitor errors centrally. IT field service management and service level management will profit from this.

Service-Support (in line with ITIL)

It is the task of service support to support IT services at the operational level.

OPUS here offers you the following service support components:

  • Service desk
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • Release management

Our incident management ranges from the user help desk (single point of contact – SPOC) via first level support all the way up to third level support or, if necessary, development. We will of course be happy to offer you strategic and tactical support as well.