Requirement Engineers

OPUS has to handle diverse software development and rollout projects. Thereby the challenge is to coordinate software architects, lead developers, requirements engineers, product management, support and programmers from Munich, Romania and Poland. Here it is most important that all involved parties know what has to be ready in what state and at what time. Only this way the targets delivery in time and agreed requirements can be achieved.

Usually we appoint as project manager a software architect for software development projects, a requirement engineer for rollout projects and a chief developer for individual software projects. Also we have defined standard milestones with fixed targets and activities where project can orientate themselves.


To reach e.g. milestone M10 the full specification of the customer requirements shoulf be available for us and the specification should be approved by the customer by M30. We have defined fixed phases defined by milestones. This way each project remains comparable. Each team member can see at once in what phase the project is. For the single phases, we have defined a set of work packages with dates, responsibilities and activities.

Using the KLUSA controlling and reporting, there is a weekly project meeting with management in addition to smaller project-specific ad hoc coordination votings and project meetings. KLUSA management reports and the multi-project management overviews thereby support the coordination and priorities of the further common proceeding. Contact us if you are interested in details of our approach to software development. We are pleased to explain it to you in a personal discussion.