Simply identify and display KPIs in new KLUSA 8.9

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to track the performance degree of important success factors. For project management, KPIs provide orientation guides and decisional bases, especially with plenty of projects.

Companies evaluate their projects in different ways and thus need flexibility for the settings of the KPIs.

New KLUSA 8.9, available for delivery from December 2018, offers this and still more.

There are no limits in the calculation logic. You can use any attribute from your project and the result is displayed in a clear form per project in the KLUSA multi-project view.

If required, we can additionally support you with an individually configurable traffic light system with threshold values, where you can see the current status at first view.

Setting the calculation logic results from creating a new evaluation attribute. In the following example, the remaining project budget per project is calculated using the arithmetic “Project Budget” minus “Project Costs”:

You can see the results per project in the multi-project view that is of course part of the KLUSA standard:

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